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About us

Foundation of the company
Moscow office was opened
Krasnodar office was opened
Voronezh office was opened
Kazan office was opened
Ekaterinburg office was opened
Almaty office was opened
Bishkek office was opened

MST (Medical Systems & Technologies) is a leading provider of high-end medical equipment and turnkey healthcare solutions throughout CIS region. Founded in 2007, MST has had a continuous growth mainly achieved through offering quality products to the customers while maintaining a focus on basic principles of duty, honor and excellence in service.

We deliver large complex projects with customer focus, flexibility and agility — this is our speciality and passion. We are about to push the boundaries of what a healthcare market could be and working towards strong relationships with new partners built on mutual trust and commitment in order to maximize benefits for patients

Geographical reach

  • 01
    Northwestern Federal District 13 890 133
  • 02
    Moscow and the Moscow region 20 398 327
  • 03
    Volga Federal District 28 823 776
  • 04
    Ural Federal District, Siberian Federal District, Far Eastern Federal District 37 256 589
  • 05
    Northwestern Federal District 13 890 133
  • 06
    Moscow and the Moscow region 20 398 327
  • 07
    Republic of Kazakhstan –– 14 regions,2 cities of state importance 18 879 552
  • 08
    Republic of Kyrgyzstan Office in the process of opening
  • Date of branch establishment
  • Regional coverage
  • Regional population, millions
  • Federal State Statistics Service, Russia, 2022
  • World Population Review, 2022

Target markets

Private hospitals
The private healthcare sector in Russia has grown over the past couple of decades. According to the last study, there are 7 337 private multidisciplinary clinics operating efficiently in Russia nowadays. The aggregate revenue of TOP200 medical organizations covered by the survey amounts to 242,1 billion roubles a year, showing 18% growth over the preceding year. 1
Veterinary clinics
Private market in Russia comprises 1 422 licensed veterinary clinics practicing medicine, dentistry or surgery for animals according to BusinesStat. Despite adverse trends during the Pandemic 2020, market recovered by 2021 showing +20% growth compared to the previous year. 2
Cosmetology clinics
Being an authorized dealer of innovative Korean manufacturer AMI Med and UK based producer of unique nitrogen plasma regeneration system Energist, we increase their presence on the market creating real benefits for doctors and patients throughout the region.
Sales partners / subdealers
We have a vast network of sub-dealers — over 250 countrywide. Mutual respect and trust are at the core of our relationships as well as the foundation of our reputation.
Vademecum magazine ranking: “Top 200 Private Multidisciplinary Clinics in Russia”, Vademecum, № 5, 2021 ¹
Veterinary market in Russia research report, 2017-2021. Prospects for 2022-26, Businesstat, 2022 ²

Our partners

Core competencies

MST range of services comprises the complete value chain in the healthcare sector and covers the next services:

  • Consulting & project development
  • Financial engineering
  • Clinical engineering
  • Planning services
  • Project management & construction
  • Medical equipment: supply and installation
  • IT infrastructure
  • Education & training
  • Service maintenance


Ultrasound machines, X-Rays, CT Machines, MRI Systems & Solutions
Maternal-Infant Care
Infant transport incubators, warmers
Respiratory care
Ventilators, monitors, Anesthésia machines
CO2 Lasers, YAG Lasers, PSR systems, SMAS systems
Functional diagnostics
ECG, stress test systems, pulse oximeters
Medical scopes, video equipment and storage
Healthcare IT
Advanced visualization, Cardiology IT, Radiology IT, Enterprise imaging
Healthcare furniture solutions


Our showrooms in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Kazan and Ekaterinburg are homes to many types of medical equipment ready to be demoed to any customer who wants to see them in action.

Our showrooms:

  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Moscow
  • Krasnodar
  • Kazan
  • Ekaterinburg


We stock > 300 pieces of medical systems ready to be shipped within 1-3 business days. Ranging from basic to the premium ones, there is an option for every budget. We guarantee proper storage, handling, inventory control, serial number & lot tracking and time-definite transportation solutions.

At MST we can manage the import of any medical product by sea, air or land, as well as carry out all the documentary processing. Whether it is delivering medical devices or coordinating the end-to-end medical logistics of a company’s manufacturing, we are fully involved throughout all stages.

Depot & Field services

Our massive repair facilities located in Ekaterinburg and Saint-Petersburg are staffed with certified engineers with experience, knowledge, and skillset to repair or service medical devices within the various stages of its lifecycle.

Whether the repair process requires decontamination, preventative maintenance, calibration, or complete refurbishment, our team can complete the necessary services and ship the equipment back to end users.

Moreover MST provides a seamless end-to-end service support on behalf of medical device manufacturers with local field engineers located in big cities of Russia in order to minimize the downtime.

Now let’s get straight to the figures

Numbers of offices opened in 3 years:

  • Voronezh
  • Kazan
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Almaty
  • Bishkek

Sales performance

Numbers of systems sold in 3 years:
Life Care Solutions
Life Care Solutions

Valuable assets

Skills and potentials of our staff members, the result of their training, expertise, and project experience. Key employees of the company have over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry
An outstanding reputation around the region thanks to internationalism, multi-cultural experience and ability to develop adequate solutions in CIS region
Partnerships with leading manufacturers based on transparency and accountability
Cost discipline, schedule adherence and reliability
Fexible financial solutions
An extensive list of equipment in stock

Our experts

We take individual responsibility for the promises we make — to our customers, vendors, and our colleagues. And we hold ourselves accountable to deliver on those promises.

Our projects

Having a profound understanding of what happens during each of work phases below, MST offers all management services for healthcare facilities. The offering encompasses all aspects of technical, commercial and infrastructural management.

  • Initiation & staff interviewing
  • Project concept & feasibility analysis
  • Schematic drawings development
  • Financial model establishing
  • Periodic review & iteration
  • Project documentation development
  • Working documentation elaboration
  • Obtaining the building permissions
  • Onsite supervision

We value clarity and want the experience of working with us to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. The following sections outline the most important developments in the target markets of MST.

“YASNA” Resort
It-vitro fertizilation network clinics “NGS”

Macro Clinic
  • Planning
  • Putting into operation
  • Radiology department eqipment - digital mammography, CT scan, X-ray
Leningrad region
“YASNA” Resort
  • Concept design
  • Planning
  • Financial engineering
Private medical center “Medassist”
  • Turnkey contractor
  • Putting into operation
  • Service maintenance
located in 4 big cities of Russia - Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ufa and Vladivostok
It-vitro fertizilation network clinics “NGS”
  • Clinical engineering
  • Medical equipment
  • Service maintenance
Private medical center GIM Clinic
  • Turnkey contractor
  • Putting into operation
  • Service maintenance
Privat medical center «MEDEM»
  • Planning
  • Technical and infrastructure engineering
  • Project management
  • Medical Equipment
  • Putting into operation
  • Service maintenance

Awards and recognition

For 5 year we’ve been rated as top-performing GE Healthcare partner and got awarded with “Best Partner” in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. In 2021 we proudly celebrated “Dealer of the Year” award being granted by the world’s best manufacturer for outstanding overall sales performance with remarkable results in ultrasound and life-care solutions modalities.